FluidNoise 1.0

Create images from noise


  • Export 8 or 32 bit images
  • Save parameters
  • Create smooth animations out of anything


  • A little technical for some users

Very good

FluidNoise lets you create impressive animations from any natural looking random noise.

Whether it's fire, water, a skyline or a complex design, FluidNoise manages to pick up the composition and easily allows you to create an animation out of it. Fitted with a simple, dark interface, FluidNoise offers a number of settings to work with.

Set the size of your picture, adjust octaves, zoom, persistence and latitude via sliders. Choose the seed and set gradient pinpoints. Obviously, all this will seem fairly technical to more than one user. Luckily though, FluidNoise includes a preview window, so even if you don't really understand what each setting stands for you can still play around and see the results. The application even includes undo and redo and you can save the parameters that you like.

You can also adjust the length of the animation in seconds, if it loops and its speed. Finally, once you're satisfied with what you've created you'll be able to export your creation in either an 8 bit or 32 bit image.

Even if the process feels a little technical, FluiNoise is an intuitive application to create smooth animations out of random noise. Perfect to generate original backgrounds.

FluidNoise is perfect if you find the cloud filters or noise generators in other applications somewhat lacking in flexibility, or maybe you just need to create a grunge texture to roughen up your photos, or create a background animation for a movie. With FluidNoise you can do all of this with ease.

Common Uses:

  • Height maps and matching textures for terrain generation in games or 3D modeling
  • Create tiling background images for web sites
  • Create background animations for podcast title screens
  • Animated noise texture creation for use when making games, or as an input to GLSL shaders or 3D applications
  • An augmented substitute to noise generators in compositing or image creation applications


  • Export 8 bit or 32 bit seamless tiling images
  • Export animated seamless tiling, looping image sequences or quicktime movies
  • Uses all available CPU cores to deliver fast responsive editing
  • Supports drag and drop, undo / redo and saving of parameters for later use



FluidNoise 1.0

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